Finding comfort in these hard times

Women lies on grey sofa with a satisfied smile, eyes closed, her head on a tassled cushion, she has wrapped herself in a grey blanket

In a week where the UK was put under more restrictions and Breonna Taylor didn’t get the justice she deserved, I have really needed an escape from the shit show that is 2020. We all need some light relief and American comedies give me just that.

I generally use TV as a source of comfort. I may have one gritty drama on the go but you can guarantee that there will always be an American sitcom on my continue watching list. Throughout the coronavirus pandemic I have needed sitcoms to keep me from spiralling into a constant state of negativity.

Watching sitcoms feels like cocooning myself in a blanket of comfort. Each episode follows a similar structure, making them familiar friends that you know you can rely on. At 22 minutes, they are also the perfect length of time for my busy brain to unwind (obviously watch at least two or three in one go!).

Here are my current top 3 sitcoms that give me a break from reality.


If Community doesn’t give you the escape from reality you need, I don’t know what will!

An experimental comedy set in a community college which offers escapism by the bucket load. Essentially it’s grown adults getting to be big kids all the time and I can imagine that it was like constant play time to film. Almost every episode is a nod to a film, series, game, lifestyle etc. and it’s fun guessing what the theme is. The show does go downhill when Troy (Donald Glover) leaves in series 5 so I won’t watching re-runs beyond then.

Favourite Episodes: S3 E4 – Remedial Chaos Theory – alternate realities created from who answers the door for pizza; S5 E5 – Geothermal Escapism – all I will say is, the floor is lava!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Currently re-watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine and it’s proven to be just as good the second time round. The show is hilarious but also tackles real life issues like racism and sexuality. Although not a realistic depiction of the NYPD (that just wouldn’t be funny), use Brooklyn 99 as a nice escape to an alternate reality of diversity and equality in the US police force – one that we all wish existed. Nine-Nine!

Favourite Episodes: Almost every Halloween episode! S5 E14 The Box – Like ‘Criminal’ but funny.

Modern Family

Netflix brought back Modern Family in the UK, hooray! But only up to series 7, boo :(. Modern Family is the sitcom I am currently bingeing and probably my favourite. A mockumentary that follows the lives of The Dunphys and The Pritchards. It’s difficult not to love each and every family member, including Jay’s dog, Stella.

Favourite Episodes: S3 E22 Disneyland (the title is a give away!); S5 E24 The Wedding Pt.2 (welling up just thinking about it!)

Tell me about your favourite sitcoms or what you are currently doing for an escape from the constant bleakness.



      1. Hi Imi, I’ve only watched some of ‘Modern Family’ but will give the other 2 a go xx


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