clouds form at the bottom of the image with an orange glow above indicating it's sunset. the clouds clear, and above the orange glow is clear, blue sky which gets darker blue at the top of the image. in the middle are silhouettes of a flock of birds flying away, towards the horizon. There are nine birds in total at different distances to each other.

Time to put the phone away

I recently wrote about how always being connected to my phone is affecting my mental health. How always being switched on to current affairs is putting me at an all time low. As this is an issue that keeps on reoccurring, rather than just write about it, I decided it was time to do something about it.

Learning how to look after myself again

Lately I have been getting overwhelmed which led to exhausting myself, keeping myself as busy as possible to avoid having to stop. I was so scared of losing control, and yet that’s exactly what happened because I wasn’t giving myself the time to process anything.